Frequently Asked Questions About the Closure of Medtech Colleges/Institutes and Radians College

Frequently Asked Questions About the Closure of Medtech Colleges/Institutes and Radians College

1. My school has closed and lost eligibility to receive federal student aid funds from the U.S. Department of Education (ED). What is ED doing to assist students like me?

ED has provided information regarding the options Medtech and Radians students currently have available to them. Those options include closed school loan discharges and credit transfers to other institutions.

ED is working with representatives from Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Kentucky, and Indiana?licensing and postsecondary education oversight bodies and is available to assist Medtech and Radians?officials in processing student records from the eight affected schools as soon as possible so that transfer schools can start assessing students’ remaining eligibility for federal student aid funds.

Medtech and Radians officials and the postsecondary education oversight bodies in the four impacted states and the District of Columbia?are in the process of working with institutions in the area of the closed schools to identify schools with similar programs that may accept students. For information on how to access and obtain your student records and transcripts and to find out more about licensed institutions with similar programs in your area, contact your state agency and view ED’s fact sheets about the closure of the Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C., Lexington, Kentucky, and Indiana Medtech campuses, and Radians College.?

If you are interested in transferring your hours/credits to another institution, you should contact that institution to confirm that they will accept the hours/credits you earned at Medtech or Radians. The institution also can tell you what additional steps you need to take to enroll at their institution (for example, update your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA?) with the new institution’s information).

2. Which campuses are impacted by the announced closures?

Three Medtech campuses in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. operating under the ownership of JTC Education Holdings ceased operations effective Aug. 10, 2016.?On Aug. 23, 2016, Medtech ceased operations at their Lexington, Kentucky, campus and corporate officials announced that instruction would cease on the Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and Greenwood, Indiana, Medtech campuses on Sept. 16, 2016,?and at Radians College on Sept. 23, 2016.

The Medtech College campus in Orlando, Florida and the Medtech Institute campus in Atlanta, Georgia are under new ownership and are not impacted by these closures.

3. Will I be able to finish my current term and program?

Depending on your campus closure date, it is possible that you were not able to finish your current term or program at Medtech College/Institute or Radians College.?If you transfer to a new institution, you may be able to finish your current term and program at the new institution. Each institution will have its own requirements that are used to determine if any of your hours/credits earned at Medtech or Radians?will transfer. If you do transfer into a comparable program offered by another institution, that institution will evaluate your Medtech or Radians?course work and will decide whether all of your completed hours/credits will be accepted at the new institution and what remaining hours/credits you will need to complete.

4. How and where can I obtain a copy of my academic transcript?

Prior to closing, the institution is required to make accommodations for indefinite access to your academic records. The institution must communicate information about academic transcripts once the location for transcript storage has been determined.

For information on how to access and obtain your student records and transcripts, contact your state agency and view ED’s fact sheets about the closure of the Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C., Lexington, Kentucky, and Indiana Medtech campuses, and Radians College. ?

5. Where can I find information about the federal student aid I’ve received and how much more I might be eligible to receive?

For information on your federal student aid history and your remaining eligibility for certain federal student aid programs, please log in to your account.

You can no longer use your Federal Student Aid PIN. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to create a username and password (FSA ID) to access your loan history.

Each student’s eligibility for additional federal student aid funds will need to be evaluated independently. When enrolling in a new institution, please schedule a meeting with the financial aid office to determine your financial aid eligibility.

6. Do I have the option for a closed school loan discharge?

Yes, you may be eligible for a 100 percent discharge of your Direct Loans, Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program loans, or Federal Perkins Loans under either of these circumstances:

  • Your school closes while you're enrolled, and you do not complete your program because of the closure. If you were on an approved leave of absence, you are considered to have been enrolled at the school.
  • Your school closes within 120 days after you withdraw.

You are not eligible for discharge of your loans if your school closes and any of the following is true:

  • You withdraw more than 120 days before the school closes.
  • You are completing a comparable educational program at another school
    • through a teach-out agreement with the school,
    • by transferring academic credits or hours earned at the closed school to another school,
    • or by any other comparable means.
  • You have completed all the coursework for the program, even if you have not received a diploma or certificate.

Please note that you will not be eligible to receive a closed school loan discharge if you transfer your hours/credits to a similar program at another institution and you complete or are in the process of completing that program. However, if you believe you have a claim, such as fraud, against your school under state law, you may still pursue debt relief based on borrower defense to repayment, as described below, even if you transfer your hours/credits to another school.

7. What exactly does it mean to have my federal student loans discharged??

By accepting and receiving a closed school loan discharge, you have no further obligation to repay the loan, and you will receive reimbursement of payments made voluntarily or through forced collection, and the discharge will be reported to credit bureaus so as to delete any adverse credit history associated with the loan.

8. How do I apply for a closed school discharge?

To apply for loan forgiveness through a closed school discharge, you can do either of the following upon your campus closure:

You may also want to review the overview of the discharge process.

NOTE: All completed Closed School Loan Discharge Applications must be sent to your loan servicer.

9. How do I find out which loan servicer is servicing my account?

Log in to your account or call 1-800-4-FED-AID.

10. What is the deadline for applying for a closed school discharge?

There is no deadline for applying for a closed school discharge.

11. I have nonfederal loans through private lenders. How can I get those loans discharged?

The information above pertains only to your federal student loans. You will need to contact the private lender that originated (made) the loan to discuss your options.

12. Am I eligible for relief through a State Tuition Recovery Fund?

The availability of such a fund and the requirements of each state are different. ED has gathered contact information for the applicable State Tuition Recovery Funds in the affected states. If you do not see an applicable State Tuition Recovery Fund listed for your state, please contact the applicable state agency to confirm whether such a fund exists in that state.

13. I believe I may have been a victim of fraud by my school. What are my options?

Under a borrower defense to repayment, you may be eligible for loan forgiveness (a discharge) of the federal Direct Loans you took out to attend a school if that school committed fraud by doing something or failing to do something, or otherwise violated applicable state law related to your loans or the educational services you paid for. Learn more about loan discharges based on borrower defense and to get information about how to apply for loan relief on this basis.

14. If students have not received 1098-T forms to complete their taxes, is there a way they can obtain this documentation?

Questions concerning Internal Revenue Service (IRS) forms and filing requirements should be directed to the IRS. You may contact the IRS via telephone at 1-800-829-1040. Further information can be found at

15. If I have further questions, where can I get assistance?

If you have further questions, feel free to call the U.S. Department of Education’s School Eligibility Service Group, Multi-Regional and Foreign Schools Participation Division, at (202) 377-3168, or email your inquiry to