Program Reviews

Program Reviews

As part of its oversight duties, Federal Student Aid (FSA) routinely conducts program reviews to confirm that a school meets FSA requirements for institutional eligibility, financial responsibility, and administrative capability. During a program review, reviewers evaluate the school’s compliance with FSA requirements, assess liabilities for errors in performance, and identify actions the school must take to improve its future administrative capabilities.

After completing a program review, Federal Student Aid issues a Final Program Review Determination (FPRD), which is a report that includes each finding identified in the program review report, the school's response, and the Department’s final determination. The FPRD also identifies liabilities, if any, calculated based on the findings of the program review; provides instructions for the payment of liabilities, as appropriate; notifies the institution of its right to appeal the existence and amount of any liabilities identified, as appropriate; and closes the program review, if appropriate. The FPRD may or may not require additional action by the institution.

Future FPRDs will be posted regularly.

Below are the?Final Program Review Determinations and Expedited Determination Letters issued in

To access all documents associated with focused-Clery Act reviews, visit the "Clery Act Reports" page. To locate Final Program Review Determinations from completed third-party servicer program reviews, visit the "Third-party Servicer Program Reviews" page. An overview of the top program review and audit findings by fiscal year is also available. These annual reports detail by frequency the most common findings identified in the annual compliance audits conducted by independent auditors, and identified through program reviews conducted by the Department of Education at institutions of higher education.