How do I know if my FAFSA? form has been processed?

How do I know if my FAFSA? form has been processed?

It typically takes three to five days to process a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA?) form that was submitted using or using the myStudentAid mobile app. You can check the status of your FAFSA form immediately after submitting it online. A paper FAFSA form is processed within 7–10 days from the date you mailed it. 

If you provided a valid email address on your FAFSA form, you’ll receive an email notification that includes a link to your electronic Student Aid Report (SAR) at If you didn’t provide a valid email address, the Social Security number you included in your FAFSA form didn’t match the one on file for you with the Social Security Administration, or you didn’t sign your FAFSA form, then you’ll receive a paper SAR through postal mail. 

You can check to see if your application was processed, even if you didn’t submit the application online.

Note: Colleges have access to your information one day after it’s processed, but each college has its own process and time frames for accessing FAFSA information. Check with your school’s financial aid office to find out its requirements for receiving financial aid.

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