MyStudentData Download

MyStudentData Download

The MyStudentData Download function is an option that enables you to download information from your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA?) to share with interested third parties at your discretion.

When you use the MyStudentData Download function, a portion of your FAFSA information is downloaded to your computer in a machine-readable comma-separated values (CSV) format that you can share with others. The file includes information about your FAFSA and any corrections you have made to your FAFSA.

To download your FAFSA information you must log into FAFSA on the Web using your FSA ID. Once you login, click the blue MyStudentData Download link. A dialog box opens in your Web browser enabling you to save the downloaded information to your computer. (If you did not previously enter your FSA ID, you will be taken to the "Enter FSA ID/Save Key" page to do so before you can download your information.)

The MyStudentData Download function is separate from the process of applying for financial aid and is completely optional. The schools you have listed on your FAFSA will receive your financial aid information directly and do not need a copy of your MyStudentData file.

WARNING: The MyStudentData Download file contains your personal information, including your name and some of the financial information reported on your FAFSA. Do not leave this file on a public computer or in an unsecured location.

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